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Fairy Land
TUBES - Fairy Tales  
3rd-Jan-2011 06:00 pm
Thalassa - Cats
This is my first tube coloring!!!!

I acquire the tube license for one of the WONDERFUL grayscale of K4U and I'm going to sell super cheep because I need the money.

Click at the image to view the original image size. Blured out for safety.


Credit me and Laurie both, here are our banners:
Photobucket Photobucket

You can:

Use the tubes to make siggies, blinkies, IM letter, LJ layouts for free or for profite.
You can mirror the image to fit or erase some pixels so it'll fit your canvas better.

You can not:

Recolor any of the tubes.
You may not redistribut the tubes only the final product you made using them (ex: siggies)
No re scaling.

To be used only on LIVE JOURNAL.
about other locations please contact me.

All those lovely tubes for only $5,50
Send an e-mail to: thalassa_ipx@yahoo.com.br subject line: Fairy Tales Tubes
Include your e-mail for the Pay Pal invoice.
Name you want at the license.
LJ username

Happy Creations
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