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Fairy Land
CLOSED - Bundle #5 - CATS 
25th-Jul-2010 02:20 pm
Thalassa - Cats
It is finally here, a bundle featuring only cats! There is no stinky humans on these pixels! This was a work that I planned for a long time but could not execute it because I didn´t had enough cat pixels. I really wanted to make something very pretty and into my own style for all cat lovers out there. It took me 2 months to think, plan and to make the siggies. One single blinkie took me 3 hours and have 36 layers because of the cat animation. Some siggies/blinkie have a matching icon.  Some siggies were animated using lots of poses of the same cat.. And every single one of them were made with lots of love. I use every membership and tube I have, specialy for the backgrounds. You can find my memberships here. All images were reduced in size and not all siggies and blinkies are showing because you'll be getting 25 cutties, but you get the idea of this bundle. PREVIEW:
Price:  $12,00 Please use the button:
What I need: Livejournal Name: Name for Sigtags, icons and blinkies
24th-Aug-2011 01:19 pm (UTC)
I'll check the button later, just send to this e-mail: thalassa_ipx@yahoo.com.br
The name that will show is Michelle Lobo
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